Design MaliN  (Malin is French and means Smart; it is also my first name! a common name in Sweden) is a Design Studio based in Geneva Switzerland. I have been moving around the past 20 years from Sweden, Stockholm, to Switzerland, Geneva, to Spain, Madrid, and the USA but  am now back in Geneva.  My career has gone from being a civil servant at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign affairs to a wristwatch specialist at Sotheby’s. But it is only at the moment when I undertook studies  as an Interior Designer I found my true way to express all the creativity I have within myself.

Passionate about  the interior I have a very creative vision of the space with a contemporary spirit and think easily out of the box. Unafraid of mixing styles I think a good interior designer is someone who listens and fulfill your clients wishes. I  take care of your project how little or big it is: from curtain projects to entire changes of your home.  Are you selling?  Don’t forget that staging is an easy help to sell your property faster and I’m happy to do that for you.

My motto is to bring YOUR uniqueness to your home

In May 2013 I opened an  interior store in Geneva, 30 rue Maunoir aux Eaux Vives. I propose contemporary Scandinavian design, from furniture to accessories. I hope to meet you there.

Would you like to contact me?

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  1. WOW you made it finally! I will bookmark it immediately. Mycket duktigt, but where are the fine jewellery? Puss!

  2. HIP HIP for a fantastic webbsida. Hope the phone rings soon with lots of missions for you. hugs from Jonas

  3. Hi Malin, not sure if you remember me…from Peoria, IL. :):) I was going through my emails and came across our conversations and thought I’d go out and see if you made it on the web. Kudos to you!! Hope your well, business is good and keep in touch if you get back to Peoria.

  4. Hi Lisa yes I finally made it! Hope you like it!!! I have been a little bit lazy this summer am in Sweden with beautiful weather but will be back blogging soon and back to Peoria end August would be fun to meet up for a coffee!

  5. Qu´est-ce que tu as fait comme beau travail! Très joli à voir, je suis vraiment très impressionnée! Bonne chance pour l´avenir!

  6. merci beacoup Madame, si vous voulez vous pouvez aller en bas de la page et faire une subscription comme ca chaque fois j ecris quelque chose vous aurez ca tout de suite dans votre email! PS J ai vu le DVD la nuit de Varennes a NK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Malin, your work is very intriguing and I am glad to see it, to know about it, and to have the opportunity to follow along. All best, Kymberly Taylor

  8. Thank you I am glad you appreciate it.

  9. Hi Malin,

    Hi Malin,

    Thank you for leaving your comment on The Rift Brain. Nordicrooms is fantastic! I had to resist the urge to repost everything on here because I realized I might as well just link to your entire page 🙂 Beautiful stuff, and I love your eclectic aesthetic. We should definitely meet up in Geneva some time. It is always great to get to know other ex-pats. Perhaps we can do lunch some time. My direct email is Feel free to get in touch any time.

  10. Hello Malin,

    I’m the designer for Numéro magazine in Peoria, are you still in the area or have you since moved, I ask because I came across your submission to be a 10 things person!

  11. Hello, sorry I left this summer would have loved to do it though………

  12. hi malin

    i have just found your site i think it is fantastic

    imm starting a graphic business wall art and vinyl graphics and was hoping you would allow me to use a few of your images to display my products

    best wishes keep up the good work


  13. Thank you Stephen. show me your products and I might put them on my blog. Regards Malin

  14. Hi Malin,

    we’re the manufacturer of the decorative metal products, like the laser cut screen, room divider, metal furniture,etc. Wish we could do some manufacturing work of your design in the near future.


  15. HI The great
    Wondefull work of art I was just browzing but your work got me stuck for houres love the morocon tiles awsome your so pluse hoping to work with you
    in the future!


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  17. Bonjour,
    Aprés avoir discuté avec un amis, m’a indiqué votre adresse.
    Je suis créateur de mobiliers d’intétieurS et recherche des éxposants pour certain de mes produits. Je réalise depuis 10 ans, des des objets tel que les lampes en bois et résines. Vous pouvez consulter mon site ou le facebook IMAGISPHERE.
    COLAS Aurélien

  18. Bonjour Aurelien, apres avoir regarde vos objects je ne pense pas que ca rentre dans la ligne de mon magasin. Bonne chance pour la suite salutations Malin Miller

  19. Thank you for your kind words cheers/Malin Miller

  20. Hi Malin! It was really nice to see you last week! Congratulations this looks great, I can’t wait to see your shop! Will drop by soon.
    xxx Eva

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