• Nidusa

    Make a Tweet

    No I don’t have a tweet account where you could tweet me, I am actually making an allusion to the real tweet, i.e. the sound of a bird!  The great sound of  spring. I wish I would have taken in more of my father’s knowledge of recognising all the different birds only by their sound. …

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  • patriciagrayinc.blogspot.com

    Open Sesame…….

    I don’t know about you but here spring definitely has arrived. And with spring the first steps to go out side make you really look at your house at a distance. What does it really look like? And above all what does your front door look like. The choice of a front door is essential …

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  • 1-9-vertical-garden-2_rect540[1]

    Let it grow vertically!

    Ever since I saw the first vertical gardens I fell in love with this concept. It’s like green art on your outdoor walls! It has such a visual impact. If you don’t want to make one on your own you can actually buy one at the garden guru floragrubb, check her sight out she is an awesome …

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  • 1.jpg[1]

    Olé! It’s summer

    I hope you have summer too, here it is in its90’s (30’s Celsius) and sooooooo humid.  So let’s go to the beach and cool off…….. Now you can get those wonderful flamenco evenings right on your porch! The designer is the owner of  Santa Barbara Designs Fred Gayward, who specializes in umbrellas. www.sbumbrella.comI just love …

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  • allt pa graset copy

    Hello Spring!

    Yes it’s spring so grab a Margarita and let’s go outside to check out some ideas for  outdoor furniture pieces. A garden bench? A trellis for plants and flowers? Or both? Well it’s all up to you but I think the idea is great you just stick this bench into the ground and nature will do …

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