Gubi-TS-Tables-LifestyleGubi’s new collection of coffee tables in different colours of glass or marbles.

ace lounge chair

Ace lounge chair a perfect chair to place anywhere due to it’s small size

L. 56, H. 80, D. 70 cm


An icon in design Gubi’s leather strap mirror

Simon Phipps an English photographer who loves catching unusual angles in British post-war architecture. They are printed on aluminium plates which gives an amazing result. A perfect present for the architect lover!

Love these lamps Pion made out of paper very sculptural designed by Bertjan Pot

The AAT table exists in different diameters 100, 110,128

Do you remember the desk lamp in metal we had in the 70s? Here comes an updated version all in wood! A funky lamp to have on your desk

The AAL92 lounge chair, a beautiful chair to hang out and spend hours to read in!

The AAC22 chair by Hay is a great comfortable chair comes in different colours or upholstered.

Looking for a stool? The Revolver stool spins you around 360 degrees! Comes in different colours made out of metal.

Spiff is an interesting lamp with the lamp shade in silicon. It can be a table lamp or turn into a lamp sconce, the wood is oak.

The Yeh table another smart design entering DesignMaliN!  This table enables itself to lean against the wall as it has only 2 legs! Perfect in an entrance or why not beside your bed.

Exilis is a delicate aluminium profile beautiful on the wall with its’ edge as thin as 2 mm at the front. Comes in different sizes and can carry uptil 40 kg, in black, white or aluminium.

Come in and check out the graphic posters. A great look  on your walls.

Under the Bell lamp a great lamp in felted fabric comes in grey and black  82cm in diameter.

Check out this very inviting sofa that just arrived  at the store. Really comfortable and nice looking with the detail of the wooden oak legs. It comes in a two and three seater.

It’s not easy to find a small good looking desk. “Overtime” is a great piece. I love the border that hides the mess you sometimes have on your desk and here you have a whole through which you can slide your computer cables.! It comes in two sizes small 110wx55dx72h and large 138x63x72. And in two colours white or graphite

DesignMaliN has a great collections of beautiful chairs

Need a coffee table? These comes in 2 different sizes and in several colours

These are perfect carpets  in a contemporary setting. 70% wool from New Zealand and 30% cotton. Comes in a vast choice of patterns and colours.

This amazing table “Cards table” is a great illusion of those card houses you built as a kid. It is so fin but yet it is all made out of hard wood, solid Ash. You have to see the lightness and balance it gives to a room.

There is nothing more inviting than starting a fire outside when the dark has fallen. Place these beautiful “fire buckets” in your garden or on your balcony or why not eaven inside your home. The one with the long handle can be hung up on the wall, for example at your entrance  what a nice way to greet your friends when you’re hosting a party!

An easy way to expose your books is with this Libri shelf system. In beautiful ash wood, in white or black. 38cm wide 29,5 cm deep

Just leaning against the wall safely with the counter wait of having the upper shelves sticking out of the  the wall and the lower ones are leaning against it,  pretty smart!

What I love with it is that you can use it in so many different ways as a room divider or why not in stead of a  bed side table have a shelf beside your bed? How practical isn’t that!

Or why not put together like this!

The most difficult challenge in your interior is the lighting. I have found some great lamps for you that will change that dark corner in your home!

The Leaf lamp successfully combines a light and elegant design with an energy-efficient LED technology. I love the fact that the designers put in quite some time in thinking how they could get the lighting all flat (no bulb showing) so it really keeps the flatness of a leaf!

Yes we know the silicone from baking but in lamps! The name of the lamp is Unfold!  This lamp will for sure put some color in your space.

Aerodrome a very elegant table lamp that gives the room a great design of shadows when lit up. It is inspired by the aerodynamic design of aeroplane turbine engines and the glorious tradition of modern Scandinavian design of the 60s

The Jeeves and Wooster lamps don’t really need any further presentation they are just so simply great and fun in themselves!

The material lamps is a fun collection of lamps of different material from marble to cork, concrete and oak.  Several together makes an interesting display.

Aerodrome is inspired by the aerodynamic design of aeroplane turbine engines and the glorious tradition of modern Scandinavian design of the 60′s, – See more at:
Aerodrome is inspired by the aerodynamic design of aeroplane turbine engines and the glorious tradition of modern Scandinavian design of the 60′s, – See more at:
Aerodrome is inspired by the aerodynamic design of aeroplane turbine engines and the glorious tradition of modern Scandinavian design of the 60′s, – See more at:

DesignMaliN is proud to present the  Tati-Collection  a clean and elegant line of furniture made by the Swedish designers Broberg & Ridderstrale for Asplund.

The collection has been inspired by the juxtaposition of contrasting materials, and the manner in which they evoke different moods and feelings.

The series consists of a nest of tables — coffee table, side table and vanity table — all of which slide together beautifully. They are available as a set or as separates. The frames are made of lacquered metal and the tabletops are available in wood, leather, metal, carrara marble or slate.

The Danish brand Glerups makes some wonderful slippers in felted wool and calfskin sole.

I have them in charcoal and purple. Please come in and try! You won’t regret it!

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