• skullduggerychairs

    Sit down if you dare!

    As we are approaching the scary date of 31st October I thought we would sit down on some scary seats if you dare……… Pretty cool heh, The reversed colors really gives a great effect on these antique chairs, made by the interior design firm Geoffrey Bradfield in New York. The Atlanta based artist Philip Barlow …

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  • pounding-in-pewternails[1]


    Every time I move I finally get some old projects finally finished….. Moving back to Europe after 4 exciting years in the US I am now digging in to the wonderful world of fabrics. And I am doing some exciting upholstery on my own (the easy ones) and some more complicated are going to the …

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  • Ann kyyro Quinn

    Felting enters the Interior Design World

    It is true felting has been around for some time especially in cultures of Central and East Asia. But I think it has recently being redescovered by designers in the interior world. I wanted to show you how incredible this type of fabric can look in our daily interior. The wall art and poufs comes …

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  • gingham-ribbon-de-39741680[1]

    Gingham, Ikat, Kuba

    No I am not trying to speak Chinese but Fabric! Gingham is an adjective in the Malaye language ging-gang meaning funnily enough striped. Because when this fabric was originally imported into Europe it was striped, however, today Gingham fabric is always referred to its checkered pattern! This is probably the most wellknown Gingham furniture! in …

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