• Foto: Fredrik Sandberg/Scanpix.

    Estelle is her name……..

    and her is the Swedish princess born yesterday. She is the daughter of the Swedish Crown princess Victoria. All the bakeries in Sweden were selling like crazy the traditional Swedish “princess cake” you see on the picture, seeing it I quite long for one, with marzipan on top and sponge cake with marmalade in between …

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  • digital-blue-lego-digital-camera1[1]

    X-mas time kids-time

    If you want to give your kids something over the usual I’m gonna give you a few ideas….. My daughter would like a camera for Christmas and so I stumbled over this and how fun isn’t that! Lego did an agreement with Digital Blue a company producing kids technology and up came this 3 megapixel …

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  • autumn Peoria 020

    Let’s prepare Halloween with the kids

    And with Halloween the wonderful geourgeous autumn, that surprises us every year with its amazing colors. I was driving around today and took these pictures Peoria is definitely prepared for Halloween Well I suppose so are we too……… This installation is on our dining table. On a butcher block we placed this foot and hand …

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  • aandeboom-1[1]

    Hide aways for kids

    Summer is coming up and the kids will be in the center more than usual…………… So we better be prepared. Let’s take the hammer and nails out and fulfill what I think is  every kids dream,  a tree house. Here are a couple of modern versions of kids hide aways. The Treehugger what a suitable name …

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