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    Put some Graphic on your walls

    I have always been in love with letters, and lately you see more and more graphic companies making some beautiful posters to decorate your walls with. A very playful and fun way to render your walls more interesting!

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  • Claes Oldenburg

    Dirty Laundry

    When did you use a laundry pin the last time? I bet it was in  1970 something……… Actually I haven’t eaven seen one in a while you know the wooden ones with a spring on it. Yes like the one Claes Oldenburg made for the town of Philadelphia in 1976. As they have been outconcurred …

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  • atelier_oi

    Atelier Oï in Geneva

    Last night I went to the opening of the Oi-Phorique exhibition at Teo Jacob in Geneva. The famous Swiss trio of designers called Atelier Oi had done one of their installations. It’s an installation made in 3 parts, the movement, the effects of reflection and music. photo:NordicRooms The interesting part doing this kind of movement …

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  • cal lane

    The Lady of Lace

    One of my  readers sent me some pictures of Cal Lane’s work and I fell in love with it at first sight. What an incredible work! So I wanted to share her work with you. Cal Lane a Canadian native sculptor and welder artist. She turns the most banal daily objects into pure beauty by …

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  • Wood you be mine David Stark

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    I just came home from a wonderful week of skiing and had put this post on publish for Valentine’s Day, but at my disappointment I just realized that the system for some reason hadn’t recorded it! So here it comes a few days later but hay shouldn’t it be Valentine’s day everyday??? Perhaps the most …

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  • apple,carved,map,creative,earth,fruit-8dbce13dd01e1efdbd69b6346e6b9e2e_h

    What can we do with the World?

    Kevin Van Aelst Well that is a very big and metaphysical question that I’m not gonna try to answer here, my contribution will be what can we do with all those globes that we all had as a child in our room (and which has been constituted by – google where Afghanistan is!). The French …

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  • travel the world

    The World is coming home to you!

    The past 10 years I have lived in 3 different countries and on 2 different continents. I am now back where I’ve started 20 years ago Geneva, Switzerland after a few years in the US and Spain. It’s great to be back and it just feels like jumping back into the water! Travelling and moving …

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  • Heart-red-insitu[1]

    The cutest Valentine gift

    Do you remember the Family Summerbelle? I wrote about their beautiful cut outs under Turquoise This is the latest piece from them Love Bugs print. How perfect isn’t this to give away on Valentine. I really think the little spider is the star in this piece. You can order it  at Summerbelle So Happy Valentine …

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  • eckman-dancing[1]

    Paper Sculptures

    One of my colleagues showed me today some pictures of the works from the American artists Allen & Patty Eckman and I was completely blown away.  First of all I have always been attracted to the Native American cultures and secondly the fact that these meticulously executed sculptures are made out of paper is just fantastic. Allen …

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  • Untitled-1 copy

    Cut it Out!

    I do not really know why but I have always had an attraction towards cut outs in paper. Due to the incredible techniques we can use today this ancient art form goes beyond the paper. Rob Ryan is a wonderful English artist who stays true to his art form but with his humour gives it …

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  • louise-bourgeois-2[2]

    Louise Bourgeois

    Don’t we all have some kind of list back in our heads of famous persons whom we would like to sit down with and really meet?  Well on my list Louise Bourgeois was one of them. She passed away this week 98 years old so I suppose it will never happen! This French-American artist and …

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  • Nathan Sawaya

    Go Lego Go!

    Listening to the radio this morning they said that the Danish company LEGO had gone up 60% in sales this year I wonder if it is due to these guys…….The company LEGO has certified, for the moment, 9 LEGO professionals around the world. And right now there is an exhibition of one of them here …

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  • P1030386

    Powerful photographies

    The other day I went through old pictures and I landed on a few taken from a photo exhibition in Madrid a few years ago. I remember coming out from the exhibition completely numbed. The huge size of the pictures, black and white, with these bodies telling you their life stories via their tattoos were …

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