• Paula Lenti

    Swing not only for kids!

    Looking for a hanging chair for my daughter in her room. I  felt like having one too!! Why should swings just be for kids? Paola Lenti the queen of outdoor furniture has designed these swings in her favourite material climbing rope! Why not put a swing in your home for yourself and swing all year …

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  • hat lamp

    Hat lighting

    Another version from the hat lamps we’ve already seen as the Jeeves and Wooster lamps (the top hat and the bowler hat) The curves make it an interesting shape in the ceiling. The designer is Mars Hwasung Yoo from South Korea now living in Stockholm.

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  • DesignDays 010

    DesignDays 2013 in Geneva

    I want to thank you all who came by my stand at DesignDays  in Geneva this year, hope to see you soon in my store at Eaux-Vives, Geneve

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  • Forms-in-Nature-Chandelier-HildenDiaz-3

    A dreamworld in your home!

    This very particular lighting is a collaboration between the artists Hilden & Diaz. “Forms in Nature” is a light course surrounded by a dense and unruly tree and root system created in miniature sculpture. The artists  inspiration are the drawings from the German biologist and artist Ernst Haeckel 1834-1919 The lamp throws over sized shadows …

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  • bicyckle table

    Cycle all the way into your home!

    Yes there is a certain spree in cycling since a couple of  years in Geneva. If you now can call that cycling it’s all electric!!!!!!! I put that project behind me arriving to Geneva 20 years ago, I quickly understood this is not a town to cycle in being pushed into a corner by a …

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  • watercolours_photowall_2

    Splash it!

    If you would only dare, you would dream of doing this right!  Now with all the photo wallpapers coming out on the market you could have this beautiful colour splash in your entrance for example. Pretty amazing to enter a house with this on the wall! And it keeps on dripping……. The Swedish textile designer …

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  • DSC01168_2

    Sun from SouthAfrica

    Wonki Ware is a line of ceramics dried under the sun in SouthAfrica. It was started 10 years ago and has now grown to a big and successful line. All handmade and handpainted which gives it its beautiful irregularity! Stunning colours! Wonki Ware is presented at DesignMaliN as its sole selling point in Geneva!

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  • Crystal_Bulb_5

    And there were light!

    Lighting is the most trickiest part in interior design. Needs to be carefully planned , what atmosphere do you want to create? How strong the light? etc. There are thousands of lamps out there but to pick the one just right for the right place and atmosphere is not an easy task. Here comes a …

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  • 700_urlaubsarchitektur--huberhaus--ansicht001--c-bruno-helbling

    Revival of an old Alphutte

    A Swiss foundation started in 2005 with the goal of creating  vacations in national heritage buildings. I.E. they are renovating and saving old buildings and giving them new life and meaning. As I love the mix of old and modern I chose this object the Huberhaus in Bellwald in the heart of Switzerland, Valais. This …

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  • paint-1[1]

    Are you hooked?

    I’ve become crazy about this little detail in your home,  but well chosen it can change your looks of your walls! The Hook! Now you know what you can do with those paint brushes that you forgot to clean and they became all stiff! Designed by Dominic Wilcox. If you have a morbid side you …

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  • insertcoinshelfsystem

    Shelves, shelves, shelves

    Finding a great way of displaying your books or just things you want to simply expose isn’t easy. But here are a few ideas of some great ways… I like a lot systems where you can decide yourself how you want to display. The Insert coin shelving by a German designgroup Neuland Industridesign is a …

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  • skidakning, Teo Jacob invigning 054

    Teo Jacob, Carouge, Geneve New Space!

    Finally the two shops of Teo Jacob are now under one roof. And they are not kidding around over 1000 sqm of showroom. They held the inauguration this weekend.  The magnificent horses by the Swedish Front were parading. I like the idea of modules here and there which makes the showroom more fun and playful! …

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  • lounge chair P. Urquiola

    Working while lounging

    This ‘Hosu” chair is a pretty smart design by Patricia Urquiola. As you can fold it out you can work in it (it has digitally wired built in) and lounge at the same time. It has pockets where you can put your laptop, magazines etc. The design is inspired by the hive – what do …

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  • Skin de Daniel Lago

    The best place in your home?

    What would you answer if you were to get this question? For myself I think I would say my bathroom, especially since we just redid it (promise will show before and after pictures).  There is something zen with bathrooms. Especially nowadays when almost everything is possible. Why not sink down your bathtub in the floor? …

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  • Tunisien och sthlms massan 044

    Stockholm Furniture show 2013

    I had several missions at this fair but one of them was to find a small desk. And I think this is it! In white metal and I especially liked the little box where you can put all the cables. I’ve always loved this lamp especially the name of it “Scheisse”! When design goes practical …

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  • Tunisien och sthlms massan 052

    Goodies from 2013 version of Stockholm Furniture Fair

    If you want some design inspiration and a quick overview what is hip out there. Go to Stockholm! This town is a buzz of thousands of wonderful interior stores. This week in particular because it was time for the annual date with Scandinavian design at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. I’m gonna share with you a …

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  • images

    Moroccan cement tiles

    As long as I remember I have been in love in the Moroccan cement tiles. With their bold colours and geometric pattern.You can still see when you walk in in some 1930’s apartment buildings sometimes in the hallway they have this beautiful tiles on the floor or in some older shops. It gives such a …

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  • 480x400_whitepod-hotel-switzerland-2

    Whitepod Hotel

    On my list of a weekend escape is this unique Hotel experience up in the Swiss mountains (Valais region) 1 700m. It’s a collection of eight “igloos”  placed in the middle of nowhere i.e. there is no village just nature surrounding them. The adventure begins as soon as you park your car  10min. away from …

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  • open space

    Scree(a)m it!

    In the era of Open Space living , it can sometimes be a challenge when you want to have a bit of privacy without putting up a wall. As I’m working on a project where we want to have an open space and yet need to screen it off  I came across a  few options….. …

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  • Pantone-color-of-2013

    Emerald Green color of the year 2013

    The Reference in the color world Pantone has chosen the color of the year 2013 to be Emerald green. “Lively, Elegant and Lush. A color of elegance and beauty that enhances sense of well being balance and harmony”. Sounds like a perfect way to start a new year right! It’s certainly not a color you …

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