• plommon

    I don’t know if it is autum coming up or what! But I am really  into the plumb color right now! It’s such a deep and wonderful hue. I am actually suggesting it in a customer’s home, where they have a lot of white, and to use the plumb color as an accent color is …

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  • pantone color spring

    P as in Pastel and Pale!

    After having attended the Stockholm’s furniture fair in February I spotted a few trends and one of them is that  pastel is back in town! It’s an easy color to live with as it is just a hint of color! And as spring is on its’ way it is easy to fall into it too! …

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  • Tangerine-Tango-Mug_2[1]

    Tangerine Tango!

    Is the color of the year! Pantone is giving us a spirited reddish orange for 2012. “A color that continues to provide the energy boost we need to recharge and move forward”. Well I suppose that is the kind of energy we need in these troublous times! Let’s see what this color can bring to …

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  • 3108912763_e06ebc8d50[1]

    Perfect Partners!

    There is one color combination that is my favourite right now and that is GREY & YELLOW how well doesn’t these colors complement each other! Yellow can be overpowering but gets toned down with the grey which absorbs the brightness and keeps the yellow from overtaking the room. Yellow brings happiness and is a stimulating …

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  • How-to-Paint-a-Black-Wall[1]

    Afraid of Black?

    It’s true it’s  quite bold to go black, however, I think it all depends how you go about it! What do you put on when you want to be really stylish? Something in black right! Black has this macabre reputation but how chic isn’t it in this dining room. The big windows and keeping the …

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  • images[6]

    Honeysuckle – the color of 2011

    The Guru company when it comes to color Pantone has given it’s verdict for next year; Honeysuckle is the official color of 2011. It’s courageous, confident and vital! The motivation for the choice of color is – need for something uplifting saturated bright pink. I am not a great pink fan but due to the reddish …

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  • resize

    Happy Halloween!

    What attracts me the most with Halloween  are the colors this deep orange and the black are great color combinations. Here are some interiors that have gone halloween all year round! and it just looks great. So let’s get bold and play around with the orange and black a little bit more.

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  • gold-brick[1]

    All that glitters is not gold………

    I suppose we have since very ancient times always had a great appeal to gold. It gives us a feeling of luxury, glamour, power.  And yes it can be kitch but also if well placed in your interior quite outstanding. The traditional Maroccan  pouf takes a new step into the 20th century dressing itself in …

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  • Pantone Turqoise copy

    Turquoise the color of the year

    According to the Italian company Pantone, every architect’s and designer’s guru for color, the color of the year is Turquoise. I don’t think I know anyone that doesn’t like this color. It is kind of hard to dislike as it makes us think about vacations, the sea, a very relaxing color. However, I do not …

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