• Seed-lamp-by-Northern-Lighting

    Read well and sleep tight!

    A good reading lamp at night is a must, I would like to share with you a collection of really great reading lamps by your bed; One of my favourites is the Seed lamp from Northernlighting. With this 83cm long arm you can easily direct the light on your book (and not on the person …

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  • 6627480004939060ae4c1708a5ed01ac

    No Green Hands? Not a problem

    With the  latest in interior design a mini garden in a nice glass container you have it all made for you. On top off it it only needs to be watered like a few times a year. Yes it’s really beautiful and some you can eaven make on your own. Don’t know how the plant …

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  • 7993adc923455e6a83a332a92cbc2685

    Dip Dye

    Is the hottest now in interior design. A beautiful degradation of colours. Where the transition of colour goes from neutral to full implementation of colour. Check it out There is a selection of fabric brands that does this beautiful colouring. It can also apply to the wall. However, you need to have a good painter …

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  • Muuto

    My favourite things………..

    We all have things or books that we would like to show.   A great way of exhibiting them is to use wooden cases. It makes a great graphic on the wall too! You could put some fun wallpaper on them so they stand out more! Try it out with the charm of an old …

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  • diy-geometric-wal

    Scotch your walls

    There is a very easy way to give alittle funky beat to your walls. Japanese rice tape. The best with this tape is that it leaves no marks when you take it off. And you can just let your fantasy rock and roll………….. I used it in my shop

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  • pantone2014

    Dazzling Blue The Pantone color of 2014

    A little touch of Yves Klein in our homes for 2014 is what Pantone propose for the coming year. I’ve never been a big fan of blue in the interior nor in fashion but I do agree it goes well with grey! Love the wallpaper! So what do you think about the Dazzling Blue?

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  • xmas paket 005

    X-mas time

    Welcome in to DesignMaliN for a glass of hot wine (sure need it these days with la bise!)  and get into the Scandinavian Christmas mood!

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  • DesignDays 010

    DesignDays 2013 in Geneva

    I want to thank you all who came by my stand at DesignDays  in Geneva this year, hope to see you soon in my store at Eaux-Vives, Geneve

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  • bicyckle table

    Cycle all the way into your home!

    Yes there is a certain spree in cycling since a couple of  years in Geneva. If you now can call that cycling it’s all electric!!!!!!! I put that project behind me arriving to Geneva 20 years ago, I quickly understood this is not a town to cycle in being pushed into a corner by a …

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  • watercolours_photowall_2

    Splash it!

    If you would only dare, you would dream of doing this right!  Now with all the photo wallpapers coming out on the market you could have this beautiful colour splash in your entrance for example. Pretty amazing to enter a house with this on the wall! And it keeps on dripping……. The Swedish textile designer …

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  • Tunisien och sthlms massan 044

    Stockholm Furniture show 2013

    I had several missions at this fair but one of them was to find a small desk. And I think this is it! In white metal and I especially liked the little box where you can put all the cables. I’ve always loved this lamp especially the name of it “Scheisse”! When design goes practical …

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  • Pantone-color-of-2013

    Emerald Green color of the year 2013

    The Reference in the color world Pantone has chosen the color of the year 2013 to be Emerald green. “Lively, Elegant and Lush. A color of elegance and beauty that enhances sense of well being balance and harmony”. Sounds like a perfect way to start a new year right! It’s certainly not a color you …

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  • greige

    Wabi -Sabi

    No I’m not talking Sushi and you haven’t clicked on a food blog;  this is a Japanese term for a decorating  style that is becoming more and more popular between interior designers. It stands for beauty in imperfection. Wabi means rustic simpleness, purity and low key elegance, Sabi is the beauty of the patina an …

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  • button leather

    Button 1

    You were many who liked this wonderful chair “Button” at the Design Days.  The name comes from the fact that the inspiration of the chair is the end of a man’s shirt with a cufflink! It gives it an unique look and you who sat in it knows how incredible comfortable it is! It gets …

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  • popup store 073

    Design Days 2012 Lausanne

    A big thanks to everyone who passed by the PopUpStore at the Design Days, DesignMaliN was a great success thanks to you all. Hope to see you next year at the Design Days version in Geneva.

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  • Pia Törnell night light

    DesignDays 2012 in Lausanne

    DesignDays is beginning next week on the 27th of September. It’s 4 days of buzzing design. I will be there among other exhibitors of great design and great speakers as for example Piero Lissoni on the 26th of September and Giulio Cappellini on the 28th of September, not to miss! This week on my blog …

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  • roger-davies-outdoor-living-room-large-modern-fireplace-black-grey

    It’s In to be Out!

    Yes I suppose the summer is here and I think that one of the wonderful things we associate with summer is to sit outside; the breakfast tastes so much better  and to see the sunset  in the evening what a wonderful way to finish the day. But despite the fact that it’s great to sit …

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  • Wood you be mine David Stark

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    I just came home from a wonderful week of skiing and had put this post on publish for Valentine’s Day, but at my disappointment I just realized that the system for some reason hadn’t recorded it! So here it comes a few days later but hay shouldn’t it be Valentine’s day everyday??? Perhaps the most …

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  • 2010-11-Contemporary-Halloween-House-Design-Photos

    Happy Halloween!

    When you have lived in the US I think this is really the time of the year when you miss it the most. Because they sure know how to celebrate Halloween, my kids just said to me I wish we just could take a plane and go over there right now! Well, in the meantime …

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  • cork framsida

    The transformation of Cork!

    When you think about cork in interior design I believe most of us see in front of us the horrible dark linoleum flooring from the 1970’s  but this ecological material has reinvented itself, and I would for sure put it on my floors and even walls without any hesitation! The peasant look of cork has …

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