• dezeen_Havet-by-Snickeriet_1a


    No it’s not a chocolate bar but an amazing carpenters work shop (snickeriet Swedish for carpentry)  in Sweden. The todays consumer is more and more appreciating handmade and locally produced furniture rather than cheap design made in China. And that is one of the main leading points for DesignMaliN to offer quality furniture made in …

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  • TATI_square_highlow_white_asplund1000

    Marble a noble and beautiful material

    We have been fascinated by marble since the dawn of time! And now it’s hotter than ever in our homes not only in the kitchen and the bathrooms……. Designers are using it in furniture to accessories. Check out the greatest marble tables at the moment The Tati collection from Asplund is a beautiful line of …

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  • kilt_light_

    What’s in your cabinet?

    A beautiful cabinet can hide a lot of things, as well as it self…………………………. This cabinet in the Kilt collection of Asplunds is particularly interesting as you don’t actually can’t see the opening of the doors and there are 2 drawers too! Designed by the famous Swedish architect group Claesson Koivisto and Rune they were …

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  • caryy on

    Carry me with you!

    As our life style within our homes  is becoming more and more mobile so are our furniture. These small puffs are easy to take with you from one place to another. The Swedish architect Mattias Stenberg came up with this idea. Really cute aren’t they? No need to fix your mirror to the wall anymore……  …

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  • 290478-stringhylla

    String is back

    This incredible shelf system was created as early as  1949 and is now making a great come  back as a big hit in our interiors. It was designed by a Swedish couple  Nisse and Kajsa Strinning. It all started out with a contest launched by a public library in order to find a better way …

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  • Paula Lenti

    Swing not only for kids!

    Looking for a hanging chair for my daughter in her room. I  felt like having one too!! Why should swings just be for kids? Paola Lenti the queen of outdoor furniture has designed these swings in her favourite material climbing rope! Why not put a swing in your home for yourself and swing all year …

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  • insertcoinshelfsystem

    Shelves, shelves, shelves

    Finding a great way of displaying your books or just things you want to simply expose isn’t easy. But here are a few ideas of some great ways… I like a lot systems where you can decide yourself how you want to display. The Insert coin shelving by a German designgroup Neuland Industridesign is a …

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  • lounge chair P. Urquiola

    Working while lounging

    This ‘Hosu” chair is a pretty smart design by Patricia Urquiola. As you can fold it out you can work in it (it has digitally wired built in) and lounge at the same time. It has pockets where you can put your laptop, magazines etc. The design is inspired by the hive – what do …

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  • Tunisien och sthlms massan 052

    Goodies from 2013 version of Stockholm Furniture Fair

    If you want some design inspiration and a quick overview what is hip out there. Go to Stockholm! This town is a buzz of thousands of wonderful interior stores. This week in particular because it was time for the annual date with Scandinavian design at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. I’m gonna share with you a …

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  • Alcove Work de Vitra


    Christmas and New Year often involves a lot of socializing and sometimes it would be great to be able to have a small retreat to go to. Perhaps a little bit of cocooning would we a good way to start the new year…………. The famous Alcove Work by the Bouroullec Brothers is a great way …

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  • tools

    Give me that sCrap!

    These tools should be a normal daily use for a furniture designer but I am not sure it is any more in the computerized world of design we are living in today. But for the Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek it sure is. I think he would be completely lost without them. Working with waste …

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  • gehrt[1]

    Paper what a fun material!

    We all know this very famous paper chair by the now famous architecte Frank Ghery, however, back in 1969 when he came out with this series of “Easy Edges” he was less known and experimented with this material. Since then there has been several trials to make furniture out of this very flexible and cheap …

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