• Room dividers

    Screen off

    I’m sure you have places in your home you would like to hide from everyone’s eye including your own!  An easy way out is to use screens. However, it’s not easy to find some contemporary ones on the market. I have some suggestions for you though. I really love these ones in felt and they  …

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  • open space

    Scree(a)m it!

    In the era of Open Space living , it can sometimes be a challenge when you want to have a bit of privacy without putting up a wall. As I’m working on a project where we want to have an open space and yet need to screen it off  I came across a  few options….. …

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  • Trad

    Between 3 walls…

    Wallpaper  is very high fashion right now. However, I know from different clients when I’m proposing it they get pretty nervous.  It can be a bold step to take depending of the graphic and color you’re choosing and wallpaper still have this word hanging onto it “grandma”.  But there is one place in your home …

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  • fusion-pool-table-aramith2

    Set to Play or Pig Out!

    I don’t think that anyone has the months of January and February very highly on its list over favourite months. They are like 2 months in waiting (we could almost skip them) for the wonderful time to come i.e. spring! But as we can’t get rid of them we might as well make something fun …

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  • RuthieSommers2[1]

    We are all different!

    I have never been too much into “matchie matchie”, after all we are all individuals and why wouldn’t chairs be too! These settings of all different chairs bring great energy to the rooms. What do you think? Same chairs but all different colored upholstery gives it a fun impression. Or all different but the same …

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  • wolf within Chris Doffy

    Shadow becomes Art!

    Yes, yes, yes we have finally got rid of the rain here! It is nice and warm outside in the 90’s or 30’s as you wish! With the sun comes shadows right! Here are a few examples how designers have gotten inspired by this natural phenomenon. The Brittish designer Chris Duffyactually uses the shadow as …

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  • summer_reading_list[1]

    For the love of reading

    In the busy lives we are all living I think we owe ourselves a great place to read and relax. I’ve always made a nice reading corner for my kids at an early age to cultivate the love of reading! The first one I did, I took a big mattress folded it up in a …

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  • james merrell union jack[1]

    Rule Britannia……

    Apparently there is something written about the forthcoming Royal  wedding every 10th second, and I thought we couldn’t let this British euphoria go by us here at Nordic Rooms either!! When you think about it there are a few design icons that has sprung out of the British Island. The Union Jack is perhaps the …

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  • superstock_143-322bbeach-beckoning-through-open-window-posters[1]

    Add drama to your window!

    As probably most of us don’t have this kind of view from our windows we can permit ourselves to  add a little drama around our windows. I must confess I have almost always tried  to refrain from curtains in the different places I have lived in. But since I work at my present design studio where we …

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  • 88322370[2]


    Yes we are all kind of tired of the ongoing cold and the lack of sunshine. That’s why I’m taking you today to  a wonderful place New Mexico style. Where the sun is always out and colors are intense. The beautiful Adobe style that’s  been around for hundreds of years and is a great backdrop  …

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  • BasementFloorPaintColors500[1]

    Look what you are stepping on!

    I am a big fan of painted floors. Perhaps I’m influenced by my mom who in the 1970′ s painted my girl’s room wooden floors in a glossy light blue, I was the only one who had that among my friends! This summer I just painted the floor in our little annex at my summerhouse …

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  • HR by gkatz polyvore.com

    Hollywood Regency

      photo by gkatz I have a love and hate relationship to Hollywood Regency. The glamour and glitz style invented by the 1930s star Interior Designers as Dorothy Draper, Billy Haines and Elsie de Wolfe. It was Hollywood’s golden age. But it hasn’t died out just been updated a little bit. The key to H.R.  …

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  • 32960_01_lg[1]

    A woman with many Hats!

    Ms Keaton received the Oscar for best actress in  Annie Hall in 1977, as we know  she wears a lot of hats and acting is not the only one she is also a house flipper! She has a passion for old California  homes  especially Spanish colonial ones. This was built by the architect Ralph Flewelling …

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  • Painting by Kwang Ho Lee

    Look but don’t touch!

      Did you know that the iconic Danish Architecte Arne Jacobsen’s favourite plant was the cactus? Well, I am not surprised because there certainly are some intriguing lines and forms and the abstraction of the plant makes it a great accent in your Interior.  I have always been very attracted to these plants and as …

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  • staircases 1a sidan

    Stairways to heaven……

    The starecase  is a major feature in your home sometimes neglected and sometimes not,   The red enhances the staircase with the dominant grey color  all over in this entrance. This is such a great idea! Who doesn’t want to have a rainbow in the middle of the house?! And it fits perfectly the bohemian atmosphere …

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  • 001_Catwalks[1]

    The love affair between Haute Couture and Interior Design

    The border between fashion and interior design is getting looser and looser. I suppose when you are creative you just want to go on and create and it is even more challenging when you walk over to the other side…….. The French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier was asked to come up with a collection …

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  • adam[1]

    Don’t forget to look up it might be worth it!

    We have a tendency to forget the ceiling in our homes, just paint it white that’s fine, I think is the general phrase we use when decorating our homes. When I lived in Geneva, Switzerland I would walk down the street and all of a sudden I looked up and just realized what I had missed, …

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  • arcoiris[1]

    The past goes contemporary

    We all know as designers we couldn’t create without the inspiration from the past and the best result is when we can give it a little twist……….. And the twist has certainly been given here in this very contemporary coucou clock by the Italian designer Raffaele Darra (he is actually a glass artist) “Arcoiris” which …

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  • fly away1

    Wall candy!

    If you said the word wallpaper a few years ago people would look at you as if you came from another planet – what do you mean, wallpaper! are you kidding! And now we hardly can’t open an interior magazine with walls that don’t have wallpapers at least on one wall! the accent, the accent………….. …

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  • Blaisse

    Mirror Mirror upon the wall tell me who is the best Interior Designor! Part II

    Petra Blaisse is a Dutch designer who investigates in new and ambitious ways for interior design. Her company Inside Outside specializes in spatial, light filtering or acoustic objects such as curtains. Go to her website to see her beautiful projects insideoutside. Especially check out the Mercedes Benz museum she did textured walls  very unique and …

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