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  • Seed-lamp-by-Northern-Lighting

    Read well and sleep tight!

    A good reading lamp at night is a must, I would like to share with you a collection of really great reading lamps by your bed; One of my favourites is the Seed lamp from Northernlighting. With this 83cm long arm you can easily direct the light on your book (and not on the person …

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  • DSC_0223

    Music wherever you go

    With the cordless technology we have today we can enjoy music wherever we are. When I saw these at the Stockholm furniture show in February this year I thought it was a collection of handbags!! Oh no, after an explanation and wondering where  the sound came from it appeared to be yes a portable loud …

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  • dezeen_Havet-by-Snickeriet_1a


    No it’s not a chocolate bar but an amazing carpenters work shop (snickeriet Swedish for carpentry)  in Sweden. The todays consumer is more and more appreciating handmade and locally produced furniture rather than cheap design made in China. And that is one of the main leading points for DesignMaliN to offer quality furniture made in …

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  • 6627480004939060ae4c1708a5ed01ac

    No Green Hands? Not a problem

    With the  latest in interior design a mini garden in a nice glass container you have it all made for you. On top off it it only needs to be watered like a few times a year. Yes it’s really beautiful and some you can eaven make on your own. Don’t know how the plant …

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  • grey and pink

    Bathroom Lego!

    The most common refreshments to do in a house after a while is  the kitchen and the bathroom. And if you have been surching for great looking  bathroom furniture you know what a hassle that can be! The Danish cabinet brand Montana has now just come out with a line for the bathroom. What great …

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  • TATI_square_highlow_white_asplund1000

    Marble a noble and beautiful material

    We have been fascinated by marble since the dawn of time! And now it’s hotter than ever in our homes not only in the kitchen and the bathrooms……. Designers are using it in furniture to accessories. Check out the greatest marble tables at the moment The Tati collection from Asplund is a beautiful line of …

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  • DSC_0127

    100% Design London September 2014

    Yes it’s not the most important design fair in Europe, but I like it for it’s charming smallness!!! It doesn’t take a week to go through rather a nice afternoon and you discover a lot of beautiful Shaker like design very close to the Scandinavian style. These were my favourites on the fair Beautiful lamps …

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  • mirror petite friture

    Mirror mirror upon the wall……..

    Living in a world of selfies the mirror takes more and more importance in our homes! However, a mirror can also be used as an artwork which shows the French designer Constance Guisset in this mirror with the edge of a simulation as in  an aquarelle  painting I love the self standing mirrors It becomes …

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  • 7993adc923455e6a83a332a92cbc2685

    Dip Dye

    Is the hottest now in interior design. A beautiful degradation of colours. Where the transition of colour goes from neutral to full implementation of colour. Check it out There is a selection of fabric brands that does this beautiful colouring. It can also apply to the wall. However, you need to have a good painter …

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  • Muuto

    My favourite things………..

    We all have things or books that we would like to show.   A great way of exhibiting them is to use wooden cases. It makes a great graphic on the wall too! You could put some fun wallpaper on them so they stand out more! Try it out with the charm of an old …

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  • jpg

    Milano fair 2014

    The Milano fair begins with a crazy parking outside the fair site as everything is full everyone starts parking on the actual round abouts……………. Viva Italia! A quick run through the fair these objects cought my eye A beautiful over sized table I don’t want to sit in this chair when the ball is thrown!! …

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  • diy-geometric-wal

    Scotch your walls

    There is a very easy way to give alittle funky beat to your walls. Japanese rice tape. The best with this tape is that it leaves no marks when you take it off. And you can just let your fantasy rock and roll………….. I used it in my shop

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  • kilt_light_

    What’s in your cabinet?

    A beautiful cabinet can hide a lot of things, as well as it self…………………………. This cabinet in the Kilt collection of Asplunds is particularly interesting as you don’t actually can’t see the opening of the doors and there are 2 drawers too! Designed by the famous Swedish architect group Claesson Koivisto and Rune they were …

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  • 757282 via Hege

    Put some Graphic on your walls

    I have always been in love with letters, and lately you see more and more graphic companies making some beautiful posters to decorate your walls with. A very playful and fun way to render your walls more interesting!

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  • Stholm designfair 2014 087

    Stockholm Furniture Fair 2014

    Just came back from the annual Furniture Fair in Stockholm. Looking for interesting pieces for you guys. The beautiful rug company Kasthall is celebrating 125 years by a collection of rugs inspired by the Swedish textile artist Ulla Ericsson Astrom  designs from the 50’s. Klong came up with this 3 table in one piece. Adjustable …

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  • caryy on

    Carry me with you!

    As our life style within our homes  is becoming more and more mobile so are our furniture. These small puffs are easy to take with you from one place to another. The Swedish architect Mattias Stenberg came up with this idea. Really cute aren’t they? No need to fix your mirror to the wall anymore……  …

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  • pantone2014

    Dazzling Blue The Pantone color of 2014

    A little touch of Yves Klein in our homes for 2014 is what Pantone propose for the coming year. I’ve never been a big fan of blue in the interior nor in fashion but I do agree it goes well with grey! Love the wallpaper! So what do you think about the Dazzling Blue?

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  • xmas paket 005

    X-mas time

    Welcome in to DesignMaliN for a glass of hot wine (sure need it these days with la bise!)  and get into the Scandinavian Christmas mood!

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  • Room dividers

    Screen off

    I’m sure you have places in your home you would like to hide from everyone’s eye including your own!  An easy way out is to use screens. However, it’s not easy to find some contemporary ones on the market. I have some suggestions for you though. I really love these ones in felt and they  …

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  • 290478-stringhylla

    String is back

    This incredible shelf system was created as early as  1949 and is now making a great come  back as a big hit in our interiors. It was designed by a Swedish couple  Nisse and Kajsa Strinning. It all started out with a contest launched by a public library in order to find a better way …

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